Electric Steam
Washing Disinfectant Machine ESV 2700

Commercial / Industrial Class

Brand Cleantem® Steamer
Model Name Cleantem ESV 2700
Manufacturer Cleantem Steamer Ltd. Şti.
Certifications CE, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001
Production Origin Turkey
Factory Istanbul/Turkey

CLEANTEM STEAMER ESV series is an electrically powered steam car wash machine . It has a durable case design, energy-efficient steam boiler, wet and dry steam options and automatic control system. The machine operates on electricity only, suitable for indoor cleaning and disinfection applications. It is suitable for cleaning commercial facilities, disinfecting animal sheltering facilities, pretreatments for painting or coating, and creating and maintaining hygienic and healthy conditions for fixed or mobile assistance services in hospitals.

The newest electric steam CLEANTEM STEAMER ESV 2700 has been newly designed with better features than the popular CLEANTEM SV series. Disinfecting machine the machine's water intake and steaming process is automatic without interruption, and the top cover is used for manual filling if needed. For easy access to both mechanical and electrical and electronic units, the side covers are opened in one move, maintenance and service is easy. It is a safe safety system. It also has a button for emergency stop.

Durable trigger gun (long - short) 2 Pieces
Steam nozzle 2 Pieces
220 ° C high pressure steam hose 2 Pieces
Operating voltage 1 Faz 220-240V 3 Fazlı 220V ~ 600V
Operating pressure 8,5 Bar 8,5 Bar
Maximum Pressure 9,5 Bar 9,5 Bar
Max. Temperature. the gun 135 ° C 135 ° C
Boiler Temperature 75 ° C 75 ° C
Flow Rate 300 ~ 660cc / Minutes 300 ~ 850cc / Minutes
Pre-Heating Time 22 min 12 min
Electric power 5 kW. 12 kW.
Steam boiler capacity 9L 18L
Water Tank Capacity 9L 9L
Dead Weight 35 Kilos 80 Kilos
Dimensions 350x450x600mm 500x600x800mm
Hoses / Guns Included 1 Hose, 1 Gun 1 Hose, 1 Gun
Available Colors White Blue White Blue
MODELS ESV 1800 ESV 2700
Operating voltage 3 Fazlı 380V ~ 600V 3 Fazlı 380V ~ 600V
Operating pressure 8,5 Bar 8,5 /16Bar
Maximum Pressure 9,5 Bar 9,5 Bar
Max. Temperature. the gun 135 ° C 135/160 ° C
Boiler Temperature 75 ° C 175/200 ° C
Flow Rate 300 ~ 1.100cc / Minutes 300 ~ 1.600cc / Minutes
Pre-Heating Time 9 min 10 min
Electric power 18 kW. 27 kW.
Steam boiler capacity 18L 18L
Water Tank Capacity 18L 18L
Dead Weight 85 Kilos 90 Kilos
Dimensions 500x600x800mm 500x600x800mm
Hoses / Guns Included 2 Hoses, 2 Guns 2 Hoses, 2 Guns
Available Colors Whihe Blue Whihe Blue